We love films and storytelling as a people. It’s just a human compulsion to listen to and tell stories.”

Michael Danna

My name is Daniel and I’m all about telling stories through the medium of film. Fictional or non fictional, long format or short format and on every type of screen.

What I do


Great Stories start with an idea. Turning this spark into a full-fledged script is as challenging as it is rewarding. My work on concepts for advertisements and the screenplay for a web series has taught me the foresight to ensure in its early stages that a project lives up to its purpose. Writing fiction and non fiction requires different formats but the same storytelling techniques. Having written both broadened my toolset and refined my writing style.


A director’s job is have a precise vision for the product and to communicate this vision effectively to everyone involved in its creation. It’s therefore required to have a broad understanding of all the little building blocks that go into making a film. I was able to acquire this experience by being part of big scale productions and starting out as assistant director. Recently I have moved on to direct my first film projects and continue to develop this skill.


The art of editing video footage into a film is its own form of storytelling. One that warrants a certain technical expertise in addition to classic storytelling concepts. Every cut implies a decision that interprets the footage. As an editor I aspire to sculpt the film into the shape that is informed by its target audience, format and screen. So that every film can be enjoyed accordingly – wheter on a big TV screen or the smartphone in your hand.

Let’s tell a story together

Stories are told where people come together. If you’re interested in commissioning a project or collaborating on a film, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pur Suisse

As the final project of college module, I had the pleasure to work with food retailer Pur Suisse on an advertisement. A lot of freedom was given in the creative process, which can be a blessing and a curse. The final film shows the passion and care that goes into producing all the quality groceries… Read more “Pur Suisse”

Prisoner of Mind

Every year the Zurich Film Festival hosts a very special kind of film contest: The ZFF 72 hours film contest challenges filmmakers to write, produce and edit a film on a specific topic, of a maximum length of 72 seconds within 72 hours. This year I had the pleasure to work with an exceptional team… Read more “Prisoner of Mind”


What started as a school project quickly turned into the biggest production I was ever a part of. Schuldig is a four-part web series that I have co-written and produced. It is currently in postproduction but there is a teaser available. For more information please visit schuldig-webserie.ch Schuldig tells the story of six protagonists who… Read more “Schuldig”

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