Pur Suisse

As the final project of college module, I had the pleasure to work with food retailer Pur Suisse on an advertisement. A lot of freedom was given in the creative process, which can be a blessing and a curse. The final film shows the passion and care that goes into producing all the quality groceries that Pur Suisse sells.

Pulling off the VFX-Shots required some detailed planning beforehand. Not only because they are the most challenging to shoot, but because selling the effect of the film relies almost exclusively on these few seconds. Therefore the whole story and production were built around the moment, when the cheese maker transitions from the cheese factory to the store.

The advertisement was also reedited for broadcast on Social Media and digital billboards. In order to achieve the best results these variations are already determined in the conceptualisation of the film as editing the length and aspect ration of a film fundamentally changes its effect on the viewer.

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