My Work

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What started as a school project quickly turned into the biggest production I was ever a part of. Schuldig is a four-part web series that I have co-written and produced. It is currently in postproduction but there is a teaser available. For more information please visit Schuldig tells the story of six protagonists who… Read more Schuldig

Pur Suisse

As the final project of college module, I had the pleasure to work with food retailer Pur Suisse on an advertisement. A lot of freedom was given in the creative process, which can be a blessing and a curse. The final film shows the passion and care that goes into producing all the quality groceries… Read more Pur Suisse

Prisoner of Mind

Every year the Zurich Film Festival hosts a very special kind of film contest: The ZFF 72 hours film contest challenges filmmakers to write, produce and edit a film on a specific topic, of a maximum length of 72 seconds within 72 hours. This year I had the pleasure to work with an exceptional team… Read more Prisoner of Mind